On March 22, 2019, young designer, a Ukrainian Junior Golf Champion, ULYANA NOVOZHILOVA presented her new collection within the framework of Junior Fashion Week, held in Kyiv.

“In the spirit of this game, the style should remain fairly formal. The young designer wanted the brand’s clients to look stylish and as well on the golf course. Tidiness, restraint, neatness, elegance and convenience are the golf clothes constants. This is the focus of the new collection” – emphasized Ulyana Novozhilova.

Children of famous parents took part in the show: Maria, a daughter of Ukrainian singer Olga Poliakova; Maria, a daughter of showman Maksim Nelipa; singer Arina, a daughter of the A-Academy head Ivanna Nikonova; leading singer Daria, a daughter of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Yaroslav Moskalenko; Sonia, a daughter of businessman Alexander Glimbovsky; Eva Voloshina, a gymnast of the Deruigin school; young models Maya Bril, Angelina Terennikova and Masha Vavrish.

Film and showbiz stars, producers, TV hosts, designers and models, public figures and businessmen were among the guests of the Ulyana Novozhilova show.