“Paradise Source” is a partner of the “Diplomatic Golf for Good by Volvo” tournament.
Drinking water “Paradise Source” is quite natural. It is raised from a deep (167 m) underground deposit in the village. Concha Zaspa It was formed 3 thousand years ago. Thus water “Paradise Source” is deprived of any man-made influence.       Water “Paradise spring” without preservatives and other artificial impurities. This is not necessary. After all, from the ground to you, we deliver water no more than a day. Water breaths natural freshness and retains all its original properties.

The quality of water “Paradise Source” is confirmed by scientists. Each batch is examined in physico-chemical and bacteriological laboratories. Its mineral composition is ideal for the body.     Doctors recommend drinking water “Paradise spring” every day. It enriches the health of adults and children. And the dishes and drinks that are cooked on it, returns the original taste.