You have the following: the wind opens the window, and the house breaks a stream of elastic fresh air? Agree, this moment for a few seconds, everything around is changing. Releases sticky viscosity of the TV, politely disappears screen of the smartphone, and the coffee machine shyly hides its smell. And only the foliage of indoor flowers trembles joyfully. It still remembers. And then there is a desire to throw away last year’s things, to immerse your fingers in the shaft of the dog’s neck and surprise the glass with ordinary clear water.

It is during these moments that you understand the main thing. We were trapped in amenities and plastic comfort. Gathered the body and mind. Replaced the joy of life with its cumbersome surrogates. Technologies are complicated, things are squeezing us out of our own home. The word “nature” is increasingly reminiscent of the word “raw materials”.

Probably, truly people were happy in the biblical paradise. And this happiness was simple and understandable. Transparent water, simple foods, sincere love. Surprisingly, the index of happiness, which is currently measured by the New Economy Foundation, is almost unrelated to the welfare of the inhabitants of the country. Instead, it directly depends on the state of ecology. So, we need genuine purity, purity of nature. Our water – this is the true natural purity that is so lacking to all of us. And our hummingbird is the paradise bird that wants to remind the main thing: true happiness is always simple and understandable, as what people had in paradise garden.

We want our little bird to turn back the joy of simple things. 1200 times per minute beats her heart. This happens only in a hummingbird – a bird from the Garden of Paradise. Maybe it’s heart knocking in order to bring you joy. To get to the main point. To help you remember. We want her leafy wings not to let you forget the smell of pure air, the taste of natural water and the quiet joy of true love.

     Do not hurry to close the window: it’s likely that with our little bird in your home there will be great happiness. We really want this.