A unique company is born in Ukraine. It offers a fundamentally new service: delivery of quality drinking water. The company is called “Paradise Source”.


The service is getting bigger. Now, with drinking water, we deliver the best varieties of coffee and tea. The company improves your life and saves you time.


For the first time in the history of Ukraine, we find artesian water with perfect indicators. Scientists have been looking for her for several years. Examined samples of 300 different places. Finally, in the village of Tatsenki of the Obukhiv district, we discover the true heavenly source. This featured event launches a new company history.

A drilling and bottling plant was set up around the well. It is being built on the project of world industry leader Eden Springs Europe.
The company creates its own fleet of cars with regular drivers. Machines are specially equipped for the transport of potable water. The company ensures compliance with the sanitary standards during delivery.
On April 24, the Tatsenko plant for the extraction and bottling of potable water is launched. Leading industry leaders recognize: our company and its products meet the highest European quality standards.
  From now on, our water is officially called the "Paradise Source".


According to your wishes, we extend the delivery time. Now you can order and get natural drinking water even early in the morning and late at night. Quality service is one of the main features of the “Paradise Source”.


The company launches its website. Finding us becomes more convenient. And you can order quality drinking water nowadays around the clock. We are available for you both on the phone and on the Internet.


High quality water “Paradise spring” is recognized in the world. The company is invited to join the European Association of bottled water. Thus, foreign partners confirm the quality of our natural water and the high level of service. From now on, “Paradise Source” is part of the EBWA European Association together with world industry leaders.

The quality of our water is protected by nature itself. Underground deposit "Paradise spring" is separated from surface waters. During the company's work, the chemical composition of the water remained unchanged. We brought you three million bottles of pure natural water. It is 60 million liters.
The company expands its range. New types of our water do not lose their natural quality. But get specialization. "Home" - ideal for cooking dishes. And "Softened" - enhances the taste of hot drinks and keeps coffee machines from scum.
"Paradise Source" is updating the plant for extraction and bottling of water. The enterprise employs the most advanced world technologies. Now the production is fully automated. The water quality is protected as much as possible.
At the plant for extraction and bottling of water, physico-chemical and microbiological laboratories are created. Water parameters are measured hourly. The scientific base is strengthened, control over quality increases.
Paradise Source Ltd. receives ISO9001 and ISO2200 (HACCP) quality certificates. Thus, the highest quality of all stages of production and delivery of water has been confirmed.
We strengthen control over sanitary norms during deliveries. We increase the cultural level of service, train drivers-couriers. We improve production.
The company "Paradise Source" goes to a new level of motivation. We define our goal as a concern for the health of the nation. Strengthen and expand the information component of the company.